Do you need support for your creative business?  I offer both Tech Editing and Virtual Assistant services to help you manage your small business!

What is a tech editor?

A tech editor is a person who will review your documents to look for errors, inconsistencies, spelling mistakes, etc.  Specifically, I review knit and crochet designs to ensure they match your specific layout as well as industry standards.  I can also create charts or simple graphics if you don’t want to learn the software!  For more information, go to the Tech Editing information page.

What is a virtual assistant?

The simplest definition is that a virtual assistant is an assistant that works virtually, in other words, online.  You get the benefit of having someone help your business as an independent contractor. You can hire a virtual assistant for a one-time job or as a long-term relationship.

For more information, check out the Virtual Assistant page.


I am now offering bulk / pre-payment options for my services!

Why would you want to buy hours in bulk? Because you can save money!

Where this can really save you is if you have multiple services that are small in nature. For example, you have a set of 5 hats that need tech editing or you have 5 pictures that need editing. Each of these typically would take less than the 30 minute minimum charge, so using bulk time will allow them to use actual time.

You don’t need to use the bulk hours all at one time! I keep a record of what you have used and will let you know what your balance is.

If you would prefer to work with a flat rate payment, please contact me and we can work something out.

Buying bulk time is Super Easy! Just use the secure Paypal checkout below! Please enter the email address which you will use to contact me about your service requests. (This may be different from your Paypal address).

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Terms: Bulk editing time can only be refunded in one-hour increments. Once time has been used for a bulk hour block, it can no longer be refunded. However, if you purchase two hours and have only used a portion of the first hour, I can refund the second.