WordPress Managed Hosting

Not all Website Hosts are the same...

We’ve seen too many instances where businesses only concern is finding the cheapest option to build their WordPress website, only to have it back-fire on them later.

If you’re looking to have a website built or it’s been a while since you have reviewed your hosting service, now’s the time to think about:

Do you have to maintain the website all by yourself?

And do you know how?

Many website companies only offer to host your website, but you are left to keep your WordPress website up to date and working properly.

WordPress can be a wonderful way to build an inexpensive website, but security updates are left uninstalled or old plugins remain on the site (no longer maintained), you run the risk of having your website go down due to WordPress/plugin incompatability - or worse yet, hackers may be able to gain access into your website.

How is the speed of your website?

You can use free tools like Google's PageSpeed InsightsPingdom, or GTmetrix to measure the performance of your website.

The cheapest hosting solution is never the best choice for high website performance. Cheaper hosting usually doesn’t have the dedicated bandwidth to cater to every detail of your WordPress site (this is one of the ways they keep their costs in check to offer you those crazy low prices).

Is your Hosting company backing up your website?

Some website hosting companies do NOT automatically back up your website unless you install a specialty plugin or pay extra.

This is a RED FLAG !


If something happens to your website - code problems with a plugin or theme, outdated plugins, hacking, missing files, etc. you have no way to recover your website and you may have to rebuild everything from scratch or pay a fee to have someone try to recover it.

Is your traffic monitored or metered?

If you suddenly or consistently get a lot of traffic and your hosting company has you on a meter, several things can happen, and none of them are good.

  1. Your site will stop working and/or grind to a halt, and you'll have to contact your hosting company to solve the issue.
  2. Similar to the electric company, the more bandwidth you use (above the limit), the more you'll get charged.
  3. Or you may end up having your hosting plan automatically bumped to the next level, again, costing you more $$$.

Do they offer free security?

What is SSL?

Ever noticed that some websites start with http:// and some with https://? That little "s" indicates that the website is secured and encrypted and any data you enter is safely shared with the website.

As a consumer you always want to make sure you are using a website with https:// if you are entering personal information, especially credit cards!

And having a secured website is good for SEO - Google uses it in their search ranking algorithm!

However, we found a hosting company that wanted to charge people an additional $100 to have a basic SSL (certificate) installed, when there are many options that are free!


We offer...

computer desk

WordPress updates

We handle all updates to the WordPress releases (core files), plugins, and themes on a scheduled basis.  If we are made aware of updates that fix security risks, those are handled within 48 business hours (usually sooner).

We also review your website after each update to ensure it is working properly and looks correct.

An audit is taken on a regular basis to watch for plugins or themes that are no longer maintained, so they can be replaced with a more modern version.

WordPress Managed Hosting - prices

Included with each Hosting plan

Computer on desk

Other options

  • Terms and pricing are subject to change. 
  • Price includes hosting of 1 WordPress website.
  • Plans do not include updates to pages or posts.
  • All plans come with daily automatic backups stored on the server.
  • Add cloud backups starting at $5/month for weekly backups; price will vary depending on the storage size and number of backups retained.
  • Contact us for pricing information if you wish to use your own hosting, handle WordPress updates yourself, or if you have multiple websites.
Please read our Terms & Conditions for full details.

Need a full website built?

Check out our Website in a Day offer. Prices include the first year of hosting!


Each “Website in a Day” comprises one scheduled day (6 hours).  However, the price also includes prep time – including the initial kick-off meeting, one end-of-launch-day meeting, and an optional follow-up meeting to discuss maintenance.

You will also have 30 days of support after installation to answer questions you may have.

Sometimes you may discover that you need additional pages or features that weren’t in the original launch. You can continue to work with us through our standard hourly rate. We would be happy to discuss additional setups and maintenance with you.  Please use our Contact form.

Website design and copywriting are two completely different skills. While someday we hope to have someone on our team that will help with this, we feel that sometimes having text written in YOUR VOICE is the best option. If you need help, we can offer tips and suggestions on what to include.

The cost of each Website in a Day package is based on expertise and time. Could you DIY your website for much less? Yes, if you wanted to spend days/weeks learning all the steps through Google searches.  But with our proven expertise in building websites, we can get it done quickly, and efficiently and position you for future growth.

You must notify us that you are canceling 14 days before launch day, or you will be charged the full amount.

You are allowed one opportunity to delay the launch, but the new date must be scheduled immediately to take place within the next 30 days.

If you are unsatisfied with your website design, we ask that you first allow us the chance to fix the issue.  However, in the event that we can not come to an agreement on the website, we will refund all except the initial deposit and the website will be taken down.




If you use our services for WordPress website hosting and decide to use someone else, you must notify us at least 14 days before the renewal date.  Annual renewal members can request a prorated refund (prorated by month).

You are responsible for transferring the domain name to the new hosting service. (Many hosts offer this as a free service).

We will keep a backup of your site for 30 days, at which time it will be deleted, including any cloud backups.

Anything else?

Need other assistance but don’t see it listed here? We’d still love to help!

Contact us for Pricing and Availability.