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How to conduct a Year End review

January 1.  A new year.  A time to start fresh.  A time to set goals for the new year. But, wait!! Don’t start thinking about those goals quite yet!  Instead, begin by reviewing the past! You might be asking “what in the world?!” but trust me on this… Remember A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens?  …

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Tech editor and testers – do I need both?

Are both a tech editor and testers required? Do you need both a tech editor and testers for your pattern design – or is it one sufficient? In this article, I discuss how what role plays in producing a quality pattern, including the differences and why each is important. Note: this post originally appeared on …

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Finding Courage in Your Business

Word of the Year – Courage Each year I pick a word as my theme, goal or mission for the year. This year, the word “Courage” kept pushing to the top of the list. Finding the courage to move beyond the fears that have been holding me back in building the business I want. Back …

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