Want to know what business resources I personally use? This article lists many of the tools and companies used within my business.

Disclaimer: some of the links below are affiliate links. By clicking on them, I may earn a small commission. However, I only list companies that I highly recommend!

laptop - my favorite business resource


I strive to make my deliverables as error free as possible, but mistakes can happen. And while the creative businesses I use are super-friendly and understanding, I need the piece of mind that business insurance gives me. In looking for reviews, many other Virtual Assistants (VAs) recommended Hiscox. I can understand why! The process to get insurance was simple and painless, and they offered a rate that was within my budget. They also charge by the month, which is handy for businesses starting off that don’t want to be hit with a once-a-year bill!

Project Management

Keeping track of my client’s tasks and the tasks needed to keep my own business is CRUCIAL. Without some way of managing the myriad of tasks that float in each week through emails, Slack chats, etc., my business would be a hot mess. I have tried literally dozens of project management systems – including Trello, Todoist, Asana, Workflowy, notion… and so on. But the one that I found works best is ClickUp.

Now I’ll admit that ClickUp can seem intimidating to those just starting. This software application is so jam-packed with features and the ability to customize practically everything. Which is why I plan to do a series of articles on ClickUp later to help you if you’re stuck.

One of the reasons I love it so much is that I can use the desktop application (my preference) but I can keep on track off tasks on the go with the mobile app or even through my browser.

WordPress Backup

If you have a WordPress website, when was the last time you thought about how your site was backed up? Huh? I bet it’s been a long time (or never)!

Some hosting sites, such as my preference: SiteGround, automatically back up your site. But what happens if your web host goes down or they have server problems? You have all your “eggs in one basket”, so to speak – your backup is on the same server/host as your website!

UpdraftPlus makes it so easy to create a backup of your site. In fact, if you handle your own WordPress and plugin updates, it can be set to automatically create a backup of those parts of your site before it does the update. That way if something happens, it makes it easy (well, easier) to recover!

Client Management

Dubsado - The Little Victories mug

Do you need to track the customers or clients you offer services to? Dubsado has some some wonderful features including:

  • Lead Capture forms you can embed on your website
  • Proposals that can be approved by clients and automatically turned into invoices
  • Sending reminders for unpaid invoices
  • Different calendar schedulers to allow clients to request an appointment

and much more!!

I’ve also found Dubsado’s customer service and documentation to be a great resource and help when you get stuck!

Need to set up a Dubsado system? I can help! Schedule a Free Consultation today to discuss your needs!