Website in a Day

Website in a Day

Need your website done QUICKLY?


We can do that for you!



Are you stuck trying to build a website?  Tired of staring at a blank screen, with feelings of dread and overwhelm on how to get it set up and connected?

Well, imagine waking up one day to having a single day devoted ENTIRELY to building your website – with the technical expertise behind you all the way?

In just a few hours, you can have a beautiful, professionally designed website to help your customers and clients find you!

What is included:

  • We will complete your website’s setup, including installing WordPress (if applicable), linking the DNS settings, creating up to 5 basic pages (home, about, contact, etc.), and connecting a newsletter signup form to your e-mail marketing tool.

  • The cost of the website build includes the first year of hosting. For recurring payments after the first year, see below.

  • One email address for your domain name, such as  

  • Documentation (text and videos) on how to use and make small updates on your website.

What is not included:

  • The website’s images and the text for the various pages.

  • Copywriting services for each page.

  • Additional business email addresses for your domain beyond the first free email. We recommend using Google Workspace, or you can contact us for pricing on setting up additional emails on the hosting platform.

  • E-commerce websites can quickly grow in complexity and time. While we will not build a full e-commerce site with our “website in a day” package, we will build your website so it is positioned to move forward with e-commerce.

  • Ongoing support is not included.

How will this work?

Step 1

Go to the Contact page and book a free call for your Strategy Session.

Step 2 - Strategy Session

This call will be to get to know one another and to answer any initial questions you might have.  We will meet with you to gather some basic information, including:

writing in a notebook
computer desk

Step 3 - Prep work

After the non-refundable deposit has been made, then ALL of us will begin the preliminary work!  

Step 4 - Launch Day!

Get ready for a BUSY day!

We will get to work right away in the morning.  We don’t require you to be on a video call all day with us, but as we work, there may be questions that arise. So we ask that you monitor your email inbox or Slack channel that day to address those questions ASAP. 

Once we have completed the design, we will send you a link for final approval and have a short video call.

Everything looks good?  Then the installation will happen, and you’ll be able to use your website immediately!

writing in a notebook

Disclaimer: “Done in a day” means that we reserve a single, full day to build out the entire website and for you to ask questions before the website is published. There is still prep work that must be done before the website launch day.  E-Commerce sites are not “done in a day”, but we can set up the basic website in a single day.

Please read our Terms & Conditions for full details.

This is the service for you if…

This is NOT the service for you if…

Hosting Services

Website in a Day prices include the first year of hosting and will be based on one of the following tiers:

WordPress Managed Hosting - prices
WordPress Managed Hosting - disclaimers
WordPress Managed Hosting - what's included


Each “Website in a Day” comprises one scheduled day (6 hours).  However, the price also includes prep time – including the initial kick-off meeting, one end-of-launch-day meeting, and an optional follow-up meeting to discuss maintenance.

You will also have 30 days of support after installation to answer questions you may have.

Sometimes you may discover that you need additional pages or features that weren’t in the original launch. You can continue to work with us through our standard hourly rate. We would be happy to discuss additional setups and maintenance with you.  Please use our Contact form.

Website design and copywriting are two completely different skills. While someday we hope to have someone on our team that will help with this, we feel that sometimes having text written in YOUR VOICE is the best option. If you need help, we can offer tips and suggestions on what to include.

The cost of each Website in a Day package is based on expertise and time. Could you DIY your website for much less? Yes, if you wanted to spend days/weeks learning all the steps through Google searches.  But with our proven expertise in building websites, we can get it done quickly, and efficiently and position you for future growth.

You must notify us that you are canceling 14 days before launch day, or you will be charged the full amount.

You are allowed one opportunity to delay the launch, but the new date must be scheduled immediately to take place within the next 30 days.

If you are unsatisfied with your website design, we ask that you first allow us the chance to fix the issue.  However, in the event that we can not come to an agreement on the website, we will refund all except the initial deposit and the website will be taken down.




If you use our services for WordPress website hosting and decide to use someone else, you must notify us at least 14 days before the renewal date.  Annual renewal members can request a prorated refund (prorated by month).

You are responsible for transferring the domain name to the new hosting service. (Many hosts offer this as a free service).

We will keep a backup of your site for 30 days, at which time it will be deleted, including any cloud backups.

Anything else?

Need other assistance but don’t see it listed here? We’d still love to help!

Contact Carmen for Pricing and Availability.