Our Mission

To support female entrepreneurs overwhelmed by the chaos of building on multiple platforms and managing dozens of tasks, by organizing it all into streamlined processes and managed projects.

Called to Design

Our Vision

Our vision is to build a team that can fully support all aspects of your business, including business strategy, technical services, and operational support.

Company Employees

Carmen Nuland, OBM

I live in western Wisconsin with my husband, a daughter, and a whiny Basset Hound. "Papa" does most of the everyday cooking, but baking relaxes me. I often dive into new do-it-yourself (DIY) or make-your-own (MYO) projects and we raise several hens for eggs. You can read more about that side of my life at A Simple Homestead.

After spending 30+ years working in Information Technology, I have become well-versed in the "techie" side of life. I know project management, course launches, websites, building tech stacks, and everything in between!

Called to Design was launched in 2019, expanding a knit/crochet tech editing business into a technical VA venture. Watching creative businesses thrive and grow while I help with the technical or tedious "back end" stuff gives me a great thrill.

In 2022, I completed the OBM School Certification program, to help further support your business! In 2023, I was certified in Dashboard Design, to offer your metrics and KPIs in an easy-to-read "dashboard".

Morgan Adkins

Morgan Adkins, Virtual Assistant

I’m happily nestled in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in a small town in North Carolina raising my 3 kids with my husband and 2 Mini Schnauzers. While I'm taking care of our home and being a mom taxi to my kids sports my husband is out running our BBQ restaurant. I'm a homesteader in training * wink * wink * I love making as much as I can from scratch and wasting as little as possible, everything has a job to do.

Before I had the privilege of working from home I worked at a bank for 9 ½ years. Starting from the bottom and gaining my experience as a novice, to working closely with several big clients and running their accounts. Then, after mustering up some courage to work for myself, led me to Carmen and gaining the privilege of helping run the back end of her many tech savvy ventures.

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