Called To Design

Our Responsibilities

We Promise…

  • to conduct your business affairs in a professional manner and avoid behavior that could bring your business and reputation into disrepute.
  • to conduct our business affairs based on sound, ethical principles and will communicate fairly and honestly with your clients, associates, employees and suppliers.
  • to make an honest representation of our skills, experience and qualifications.
  • to respect the confidentiality of your personal and business practices and recognize your ownership of any intellectual copyright pertaining to your business activities.
  • to strive to maintain high professional standards by staying abreast of advances within the industry and to strive for excellence through professional improvement.
  • to keep all acquired personal data safe and secure and ensure it is only used for its intended purpose, in accordance with state and federal data protection laws, including GDPR.

Confidentiality & Data Protection

  • All original work will be returned to the Client as soon as work is completed unless otherwise requested.
  • Upon written termination of the contract, we delete all client data held, excluding data held for our own tax records.
  • Our privacy policy is viewable here.
  • We will keep any work undertaken confidential and not use it for personal gain or promotion without the written consent of the Client.
  • The Client will be the legal owner and will hold intellectual copyright of all work undertaken by Called to Design.



  • An initial twenty-minute consultation by Zoom or telephone is complimentary.
  • Payments are due on receipt of invoice.  Overdue invoices may result in interest charges (at the rate of .25% per week) for the total outstanding.
  • We reserve the right to halt services and not to return work if bills are not paid. 
  • Pre-paid hours are non-refundable and are valid for that calendar month only e.g. hours bought in January are only valid for January unless otherwise stated in the contract.
  • Ad-hoc hours are billed in increments of 6 minutes.  All pre-paid hours are billed in actual time.
  • Any non-standard office supplies and postage fees are not included in our hourly rates and will be billed separately.

Submitting Work Requests

  • All work requests should be submitted by email, through Slack, or directly into ClickUp.  This ensures we can schedule and track all work.
  • We will acknowledge all work within two hours during business hours of Monday-Friday 8 am – 4 pm.  If you have not received an acknowledgment, please call 470-222-5940 and check if we have received the request.
  • All details (e.g. templates, passwords or processes, etc.) should be submitted along with work at the time of submission.  We will not schedule any work until all the materials are received.
  • If ongoing project work is suspended or delayed through any default of the client, Called to Design will be entitled to immediate payment for work already carried out and expenses incurred.
  • If the project is based on an hourly rate, then a minimum invoice amount is for one hour, and the hourly rate is then billed in increments of 30 minutes, with time rounded up to the nearest half of an hour.
  • Billable time includes meetings and calls outside of contracted hours and consists of the writing and/or reading of correspondence sent by mail or email.

Office Hours

  • Usual turnaround of work is the next working day, for all work under one hour long received and acknowledged before 4 pm Central US time.  The reason behind this is that at 4 pm each evening we schedule the following day’s work.  Example: Work sent during the day on Monday would be returned on Tuesday.  Work sent after 4 pm on Monday would be scheduled for Wednesday.  This lets us schedule our day and complete work on deadline.
  • If you have an urgent, non-scheduled job we will try and accommodate it, but it will be subject to a 10% rush job increase.  This compensates us for having to move other clients in our schedule to accommodate your work.  We will always inform you of this before completing the work.
  • Work that is over an hour will be scheduled and you will be given an ETA when we acknowledge receipt of the job.
  • For non-standard or one-off jobs, turnaround times will be advised in the acknowledgment email.

Client Responsibilities

Response Time:
The Client will supply all necessary documentation, images, videos, and similar materials no later than 24 hours before work is expected to begin. Failure to do so may result in delays in the project or additional fees for rush jobs.

The Client will respect the working hours of Called to Design. Family time and rest are important to us!  We will attempt to accommodate urgent requests, but in doing so, the Client agrees to pay Rush rates for the job to be completed.

The Client will respect all who work for Called for Design and will refrain from cursing, swearing, belligerent behavior, or emotional abuse, which may result in immediate termination of the contract.

The Client understands that project “creep” through unexpected meetings, challenges, changes in project goals, or tasks added on to the original request may result in additional charges.

Project Review:

It is up to the Client to check the work which we return and raise any queries forthwith thereafter. Any errors must be reported within two (2) days of receipt of completed work. Errors generated by Called to Design will be rectified free of charge, but amendments or alterations requested by the client thereafter will be charged at the standard hourly rate.

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Terms & Conditions:

Notification of cancellation of services must take place no less than 7 days before the next billing cycle.  If payment was made annually, the refund amount will be pro-rated based on the time remaining.  (Example: after 9 months on the Ultimate package, your refund would be for the remaining three months)


If you have a host that does not allow access to FTP or the backend, we will coordinate with you at a specific time to update. That way if something goes wrong that restoring the backup will not fix, then you have an opportunity to contact your hosting company to have them assist with the fix.  We may also need access to your host if your PHP level needs updating.

Audits and adjustments may take some time to see improvements if they have not been performed before.

If your site is hacked, we will deduct $100 off the cost of cleaning it up. 

2022 Non-Working Days

If you have urgent work to complete during these times, we may be able to accommodate it as a rush job, but please check first.

  • Vacation – February 5-12
  • Easter Friday and Monday – April 15, 18
  • Memorial Day – May 30
  • Independence Day – July 4
  • Vacation – July 13-17
  • Vacation – August 10-14
  • Labor Day weekend – September 3-5
  • Thanksgiving weekend – November 24-27
  • Personal day – December 10
  • Christmas – December 24-25

I will have limited phone services and zero internet access during the August break.

Disclaimer and Applicable law

We will not be liable for any losses you might sustain arising directly or indirectly from our completing work save in so far as the same arises directly from our negligence.

These terms shall be governed by the laws of the State of Wisconsin, and the United States of America.

Our business is registered at: Called to Design, PO Box 193, Galesville, WI 54630