I am now accepting tech editing clients for both knit and crochet patterns!

Your reputation is important: Make sure you have the best product possible as you present it to the world!

For each pattern I will review to be sure the pattern is clear, the instructions match the photo and any charts, the calculations make sense, and the grammar and punctuation are correct.

My philosophy is that this is a collaborative effort; I will offer suggestions and recommendations but the final decisions are entirely up to you, the designer.

Who are you?

I am a fiber artist and designer myself, so I understand the struggles you have.  Crochet was my first love but I’m equally proficient in knitting. Crochet tech editors can be difficult to find, let alone one that understands both crochet and knitting.

Why should I hire you?

It is very difficult to edit your own patterns because your brain knows what the written document is supposed to say and typically that is what your mind reads. As a result, it becomes very easy to overlook spelling mistakes, odd sentence structures or to haphazardly write instructions from one pattern to the next.  In case you are wondering, yes, I do have someone else tech edit my designs.  Even being a tech editor myself, I can’t spot all those issues!

I love details and actually enjoy carefully working through your designs to ensure they match your style sheets. I want to assist you in producing a quality product and so I will work diligently on giving you helpful, friendly feedback.

Carmen’s editing style…

Carmen’s editing style is very friendly, which I love. Her notes were thorough and she is very easy to communicate with. She checked all aspects of my pattern and made some very helpful suggestions. I would happily use Carmen again to tech edit future patterns and would happily recommend her to others.

Su Sayer

As for my specific qualifications, I have completed the Joeli Creates Tech Editing 101 course as well as the A Masterclass on Grading. I consider myself a math and grammar nerd. I love Microsoft Excel.  I have a BS in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics. I have worked for over 20 years in the Information Systems industry as a developer, tester, and project manager and have learned to handle everything from low-level specifics to overall project design. I have the technical skills required for this detail-oriented task along with the organizational skills to complete the job in a timely manner.

"Carmen’s editing style is very friendly, which I love. Her notes were thorough and she is very easy to communicate with. She checked all aspects of my pattern and made some very helpful suggestions. I would happily use Carmen again to tech edit future patterns and would happily recommend her to others."

- Su

What are your rates?

Rates: $40 USD/hour with a 20-minute minimum charge. Time is billed rounded to the nearest minute. Rush jobs (less than 24 hours notice) are billed at $50 USD per hour with an hour (60 min) minimum charge.

I also offer Bulk time. See the Pre-Payment page for more information and for pre-payment options. If you would prefer to work with a flat rate, contact me below and we can discuss the options.

At this time, I only accept payments through Paypal.

For each pattern received, I will do a quick scan of the design. I will then provide an estimate for your approval (with rate cap) before I begin working.

Typical time estimates:
• Simple accessories: .5 hrs – 1 hr
• Complex accessories or Simple garments: 1 hr – 2 hrs
• Complex garments: 2 – 5 hrs

What types of services do you offer?

My strengths lie in stranded and lace knitting charts, quick accessories, amigurumi, Tunisian, and thread crochet. I am fluent in charting.

Services offered:

  • Verify all general information is included (gauge, instructions, sizing, yarn information, abbreviations, etc.)
  • Proofread for grammar and punctuation errors and typos
  • Check all math and calculations
  • Check sizing and grading
  • Make sure the pattern instructions match all photos
  • Verify all charts and written instructions match
  • Check consistency of style and abbreviations
  • Make suggestions for pattern clarity

Additional services (ask about pricing):

  • Create a style sheet to use in all your patterns based on your style (see below)
  • Create charts using StitchMastery or Crochet Charts.
  • Create written instructions from charts
  • Convert files to a PDF format

Please note that at this time I am not offering grading or schematic services.

I can work from PDF, Microsoft Office, Google Docs, or rich text format (RTF) documents.

My average turnaround time is one week.

Should I have my pattern tested or tech edited first?

Essentially this comes down to personal preference. I like to have my designs tech edited to catch glaring errors before my testers get it.  Others may want to have their testers catch most of the problems to make the editing process smoother and the final step before releasing.

If I tech edit a pattern for you and then your testers find issues that result in significant changes to the design, shoot me an e-mail and I will take a second look at your design, often without an additional charge.

Why do I need testers if you are tech editing?

A tech editor strives to not just look at formatting issues but tries to find as many technical errors as possible - stitch counts being off, measurements that don't match the proper sizing, etc.  However, sometimes it is hard to spot problems without actually making the item.  This is where testers are invaluable.

I have an article here that explains a bit more about testers vs tech editors.

How do I start?

If you have a design ready to edit, first contact me through the form below or e-mail at carmen @ calledtodesign.com.

After I review your design file, I will send you an estimate of the project price and time frame.  If the estimate works for you, I will send you an agreement in an email and begin my editing process.  After starting, if I feel the time or cost estimates will be exceeded, I will let you know as soon as possible.

When I have finished, I will return your edited file back to you.  Once you approve the edits and I have answered any questions, I will send you a Paypal invoice for my services (unless you are using Bulk time).

You will need to take the suggested edits and decide which ones to apply to your final design.  If your testers find issues, let me know and I will take another quick look (~15 min) at the design before publishing.

Your intellectual property is safe with me. I will never share information about your design without your permission, but I am willing to help you promote your design on social media if you let me know when (and where) it will be published.

What is a Style Sheet?

A style sheet is a document that is created to define how you want your patterns to look and sound. It includes standard phrases, how you want to write numbers, etc. It helps other knitters/crocheters if you follow standards (such as Craft Yarn Council) when writing your patterns, but not everything is defined by standards.

Here are a couple of Style Sheet samples with LOTS of information:

These are just ideas.  Feel free to copy or download these files to set up a style sheet of your own to help you and your tech editor maintain consistent pattern writing! You certainly don't need to put everything in your own Style Sheet and you definitely should make it unique to your own needs and writing style.

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

Enter as much detail as you can in the Comment/Message box below. This will help to speed up your request. Thank you!