Interested in purchasing bulk time / a.k.a. pre-paid time? You can do that here!

Why would you want to buy hours in bulk? Because you can save money!

If you have multiple services that are small in nature, pre-payment is the way to go! For example, you have a set of 5 hats that need tech editing or you have 5 pictures that need editing. Each of these would take less than the 30-minute minimum charge, so using bulk time will allow them to use actual time.

You don’t need to use the bulk hours all at one time! I keep a record of what you have used and will let you know what your balance is.

If you would prefer to work with a flat rate payment, please contact me and we can work something out.

Buying bulk time is Super Easy! Just use the secure Paypal checkout below! Please enter the email address which you will use to contact me about your service requests. (This may be different from your Paypal address).

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Stripe payments are Coming Soon!

Terms: Bulk editing time can only be refunded in one-hour increments. Once time has been used for a bulk hour block, it can no longer be refunded. However, if you purchase two hours and have only used a portion of the first hour, I can refund the second.