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Have you ever wanted to create a Gmail signature to send with your emails, but don’t want to have to pay for an application to do so? In today’s tip, I’m going to show you how you can create one using FREE tools!

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Step one: create a circle image in Canva

This is optional, but I liked the look of my image within a circle!

In Canva, start a new square image. In the example, I used the Logo style which is 500 x 500 px.

Canva - create a logo-style image

To make the creation of the circle image easier, look for Elements -> Frames, and select the circle.

Canva - Circle frame element

Resize the frame so it fills most or all of the space.

Canva - round frame

Now go to your uploads and find your (square) photo image. Click and drag that within the frame, and it should automatically “snap” the image to within the circle.

Canva image created as a circle

In the example photo above, I added a border to the frame to make it obvious how the square image is contained within the frame. To add or remove a border, look for the lines in the settings above and change to no border (circle with a line through it), or specify a border type and width.

Canva - frame with a border

Click on Share, Download. Make sure it says PNG (or another image file type) and click the Download button.

Canva - download your image

Step two: create a Google Doc

In Google Drive, create a new Google Doc document that is empty. Rename to “signature” or something you’ll remember later.

Go to Insert -> Table -> and specify a 2×1 table:

Google Docs table

Paste your image into the left box and resize the image and column to a smaller size. Then type in your contact information in the right box and format accordingly.

Gmail Signature table

I added some formatting such as using the Satisfy font for my name, Poppins for the other text, and some black and white icons to the left of the text.

As you can see, the table has lines around the cells which is less than ideal. To remove these, right click anywhere on the table and select Table Properties. Under Color, change the Table Border to 0 pt, and the borders disappear!

Table properties - making the border disappear

Select all of the text/image in the table and Copy them into the clipboard for the next step.

Step three: create a Gmail signature

In Gmail, go to Settings and “See all settings”.

Gmail settings

Under the General settings will be a section for signatures. Click on the Create New button and give it a name.

Gmail signatures

Paste in what you copied from the Google Doc table.

Note: If all you need to do is change or add the text, but not mess with the formatting of the signature (i.e. the table itself), you can change that directly in the Gmail settings. You do not need to go back to the Google doc. For example, I added a note to one of my signatures because I’m going to be out of the office soon.


You have to scroll to the bottom to click Save Settings for your signature to be saved for later.

Gmail settings - Save changes

How to use the Gmail signature feature

To add a signature to your Gmail or Google Workspace email, click Compose

Gmail - compose an email

Look for a pen icon at the bottom of the New Message window. Click on that to see what (if any) signatures have been created. Select one to add to your message.

Gmail signature list

Note: You can also go directly to “Manage signatures” from here (not shown in the video) to update or add Gmail signatures.

Got a fun signature you’ve created? I’d love to see it!

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